You’ve finally made it to the end of the divorce negotiation process. You and your partner have come to an agreement on property division, child custody, and other concerns, and now, you’re ready to finalize everything. To do so, however, you’ll need a settlement document.

Not just anyone can record an accurate settlement document. Pier Law & Mediation explains more about who can record a settlement document. Reach out to speak to a Canadian divorce lawyer today.

What Is a Settlement Document?

A settlement document is a legal document explaining the details of your divorce settlement. A settlement document may include a separation agreement, consent order, memorandum of understanding, or minutes of settlement. They may include stipulations about how property is divided, any spousal support, and other concerns. By using a settlement document as guidance, you can more easily navigate issues after the settlement.

It’s important that the document’s wording accurately captures what you and your former spouse agreed on. If the wording is too vague, it could lead to arguments and further legal trouble. 

Who Can Record a Settlement Document?

Recording settlement documents requires keen attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the law. Therefore, lawyers are the best positioned and have the proper qualifications to record them.

Separation Agreement

A separation agreement, also known as a settlement contract, is a legally binding agreement that explains how decisions in the divorce should be handled. 

Under many circumstances, one party’s lawyer will draft a separation agreement and present it to your former spouse, who may then discuss the agreement with their lawyer. Further negotiations may be necessary, depending on the situation.

Once both parties are happy with the separation agreement, both parties will sign the separation agreement before a third party witness.

Speak to a Family Law Lawyer in Canada to Learn More

A separation document is a vital item. It can help clarify decisions regarding property division, child support, and more, making it more likely that those decisions will be upheld in the long run. It is important to have a qualified lawyer clearly and concisely draft your legally binding separation agreement.

At Pier Law & Mediation, we know how important these agreements are. We will help our clients with the negotiation process, record everything carefully, and create detail-oriented settlement documents.

Our lawyers focus solely on family law, allowing us a more thorough understanding of this vital legal area. When you reach out to us for divorce counsel in Canada, we’ll provide you with reliable support and knowledgeable advice.Do you need help drafting a separation agreement? Reach out to a Canadian divorce lawyer from our firm. Call (604) 359-3159 to speak to a legal separation advisor in Canada today.

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