Child Support Table Look-Up

The Justice Department of the Government of Canada has created an easy-to-use online calculator to help you calculate your child support payment. Simply type in the income of the payor parent, the number of children for whom child support is being paid, as well as the province of the payor parent and click calculate.

Spousal Support Calculator

Most family lawyers pay expensive fees for access to a program called DivorceMate. Divorcemate is primarily a spousal support calculator. DivorceMate has developed a simplified and bare-bones version of the paid version called My Support Calculator, which is free online for anyone to use. While a helpful starting point, MySupportCalculator does not apply to all or even most spousal circumstances so be sure to have a lawyer double check the spousal support calculation on the full paid version of the program
(Divorcemate) before finalizing any settlements.


Supreme Court Family Rules

The Supreme Court Family Rules set out all of the rules, procedures and protocols for starting, advancing and completing a family law case in the Supreme Courts of BC.

Provincial Court (Family) Rules

The Provincial Court (Family) Rules set out all of the rules, procedures and protocols for starting,
advancing and completing a family law case in the Provincial Courts of BC.

Family Law Act of BC

The Family Law Act is provincial legislation that is unique to British Columbia. The Family Law Act applies to spouses who are either married or unmarried, parents, and in some cases prospective parents. The Family Law Act addresses a vast array of legal issues such as property division, parenting arrangements, child support and spousal support, to name a few.

Divorce Act of Canada

The Divorce Act of Canada applies to all married spouses (or formerly married spouses) in every province of Canada.  The Divorce Act grants a BC Supreme Court Justice the authority to grant a divorce in BC. Further, the Divorce Act does not grant the BC courts authority to deal with issues such as property division between separating spouses, the Act does address issues such parenting arrangements, child support and spousal support.

Federal Child Support Guidelines

The Federal Child Support Guidelines address how, when and how much child support is payable with respect to a child of parents who are not together.  As examples, the Federal Child Support Guidelines  set out the objectives of the Guidelines, how income is determined, what constitutes special and extraordinary expenses (listed at section 7), and much more.

Useful Links

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP for short) is an enforcement program designed to help people receive either child or spousal support set out under the terms of an Order or Agreement. FMEP is a division of the British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General. The program is free to its users. According to the FMEP website, this program collects over 200 million dollars each year for 37,000 BC families.

Vital Statistics of British Columbia (order certificates and copies)

Often, legal documents are required to be filed during a family law or divorce action such as a marriage certificate.

CanLII (legal research database)

In addition to relying on legislation in advancing your family law case in court, it may be helpful to find a prior court case with a situation similar to yours or which demonstrates a legal principal you are trying to advocate in your own case. CanLII is a free database that is Canada-wide and provides access to past court judgements.

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