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Family Negotiation

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We take a multi-faceted approach to negotiation, engaging the tools that are appropriate for each situation, and evolving those techniques throughout the negotiation process based on your needs and unique circumstances.

negotiation services
Family negotiation services

Get a resolution without going to court.

We believe court is a last resort. Our negotiation tactics encourage a collaborative process for both parties to achieve their desired outcomes, while still best representing your interests at the negotiation table.

Skilled in all types of negotiation.

Our team is certified in both the theory and practical nuances of negotiation. From positional negotiation to interest-based negotiation, we use strategies that best align with your unique circumstances.

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I hired Kendelle to help me with my separation and divorce.  I found Kendelle and her assistant Laura were continually on top of things in my case – I was kept up to date with correspondence and informed of any developments.  I felt that Kendelle really cared about helping me through this difficult period and in the end, she negotiated a result that was right for me.  I highly recommend Pier Law & Mediation.

N.B., former client


The Pier Law Approach.

At Pier Law & Mediation, we are not a ‘one size fits all’ firm. Each family is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your legal needs. That said, there are three core steps to the resolution process.



We’ll set up a kickoff session to get to know each other and map out the current situation and desired outcomes.


We engage with all parties involved to collect financial, parenting, and other relevant information important to the case.


We move to settle the case via negotiation, mediation, or court appearances – whichever makes the most sense in your situation.
While divorce cases can vary from straightforward to complex, these three steps are at the heart of the overall process.

Commonly asked negotiation questions.

Negotiation is a process by which two or more parties discuss an issue in dispute between them with the goal of reaching an agreement or settlement and is predominantly used as an out-of-court resolution process.

Litigation is the act of settling disputes in court. Mediation is facilitated by only one person (the mediator). Arbitration is similar to a trial in that one person (the Arbitrator) will hear evidence and make a binding decision (called an Award) on the legal issues of disputing parties. Finally, negotiation typically involves both parties reaching an agreement out of court with the assistance of their respective lawyers.

Interest-based negotiation is more concerned with preserving the relationship between the disputing parties. The focus is more on finding solutions to each party’s unique needs, and disputes are approached from a Win-Win perspective. While this strategy is more future-focused, it requires more training and expertise on the part of the negotiator.

Positional negotiation is often less concerned about preserving any kind of ongoing relationship with the other party, the focus is more on meeting one’s own interests. Disputes are approached from a Win-Lose perspective – for one party to win, the other has to lose.

The answer is: It depends. A good negotiator will work with you to create the best strategy based on your desired outcomes. For this reason, when choosing a family law lawyer, ensure your lawyer is well-versed and trained in both forms of negotiation so they’re able to best represent your interests.

Let us help you get back to living your life.

Divorce is never easy, but this isn’t our first kick at the can. Let us help you get a fair outcome and move on with your life