The Family Court Process in 10 Steps: The Pier Law & Mediation Way

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The Family Court Process in 10 Steps

The Pier Law & Mediation Way

This eBook highlights the 10-steps that Pier Law & Mediation approach to conflict resolution in family courts. You will see how Pier Law & Mediation continues to rely on out-of-court resolution tools and methods, such as negotiation and mediation, even once you have started a court action. These out-of-court resolution tools complement and bolster the court process, helping to move the matter forward fairly and efficiently. Sometimes court is necessary; but at Pier Law & Mediation, we use all the tools in our toolbox to resolve your matter in the best way possible.


By setting clear rules, processes and expectations, the court system sets the stage for fair and reasonable negotiation and conciliation so that parties can resolve their legal matter.

Our lawyers at Pier Law & Mediation are trained to use the court system responsibly; helping you to get the best possible outcome right for your and your situation.

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